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Vinta Free Texas Holdem Poker Range Analysis Tool

Each online poker player can hone his own skills thanks to not only the constant practice, but also using modern software to improve the game indicators and calculations.

For most players it is usually enough to collect stats in real time and to use HUDs (“head-up display”) at poker rooms. Such features of popular software are certainly very useful. However, they will not give you a clear idea of a current poker hand will fall on the flop. A separate solution has been created for such aims. It’s Vinta software that we will tell you about.

In fact, there is no necessity in Vinta manual. If you understand the basic algorithms of the software, you will intuitively understand its interface and immediately discover the full functionality of the interface. We will focus on the review of the software and provide you with a brief practical guide to Vinta: what is the difference between this software and other math poker software, what opportunities it provides to a player.

Key Opportunities of Vinta

What is this program for? It offers a player to take a view on a particular poker hand falling on the board. Unlike poker software for collecting stats in real time, Vinta almost instantly calculates probabilities and immediately gives all possible events. At the same time, a player can see a convenient range visualization with the probability of hitting hands within those ranges, river, flop, or in other variations like the gutshot.

The developers have worked hard on the speed of the software. Initially, the player can be embarrassed by the absence of a separate calculation button; however, it was specially removed from the interface: Vinta is so fast in calculations that pressing the button would take much longer than calculating the algorithm.

Regularly using Vinta capabilities and algorithms, you will notice that those hands you have always considered strong, in fact, very often miss. At the same time weak hands, at first glance, preflop combinations give players more bank in 80% cases.

How to Use Vinta?

What is the practical aspect of using this program? You downloaded the file and opened a start window. There is an easy interface in front of you. You will have to work throughout subsequent intense poker games using this interface.

You specify the range of starting hands on the screen in free fields, select a number of cards (from three to five) on the board. After the user’s data has been entered, in a statistics field in poker the software calculates possible probabilities of certain hands in the game.

There are more details about the capabilities of each section of the starting window:
Hand field. Here you can drag up the slider of hand probability hitting in the game. Vinta also allows you to customize the distribution of hands by exposing indicators from one to three. The data you have generated could be imported to your local computer as a table or a text. The range of hands is also set separately in the interface – a valuable feature when you use the slider of hand probability hitting.

Board section. Here you should choose the number of cards on the table. A standard poker terminology is used in the Vinta interface (getting three cards, you have a flop; a turn will appear with getting the fourth card, but the river – with the fifth card added). You can view combinations on several streets at the same time, simply by switching between the tabs of the window. The preflop option is available in this section.

The most useful Vinta feature is stats. Different statistics indicators are highlighted with different colours for ease. Made hands are blue, combinations are purple, and draws are green. All stats are calculated autonomously by the program interface, the system does not exclude the possibility of the same combinations falling into different colors of statistics. In the stats, you can activate a cumulative mode that counts the total number of combination probabilities. Opposite the stats there are ticks (blue ones are for at least one street, red ones are for preflop statistics) and filters which help you to visualize user data.

Detailed stats information in Vinta

We’ll tell more about gaming statistics in the interface of this poker program. The features described above are just the beginning. How can a player learn additional information on the provided statistics.

When you hover the mouse over a particular indicator, you will see a pop-up window with additional stats. For example, you will see the probability of hitting hands in a flush, a draw or a top pair. All indicators are displayed with statistics in percent.

When you click on the stats, you will be able to see the probability of intersection of the selected hands. Vinta will show you how often top pairs will meet each other in the hand. Right-click on the stat, and without releasing the mouse, drag the pointer to another indicator. All possible intersections of hands will be highlighted on the board.

To study the intersection of hands more detailed, you can display data in the form of a table showing the matrix of possible intersections of hands. The table will be available in case of opening the start window. Kickers, gutshots, overcards and the probability of their intersection are located horizontally and vertically taking into account the data entered by the user.

As written above, the program interface allows for the possibility of text or table import. The key combination will help to make it faster: hold down Ctrl and T keys on the English-language layout. In the window that opens, select the target directory and save the file.

Vinta manual

In the program interface, it is also possible to display standard equity indicators. To do this, you need to set two values on Dead Cards (the interface perceives as a starting hand automatically). An estimated equity value for winning hands will be displayed on the bottom right.

Before you download Vinta, you need to study all its features in detail. For example, in the matrix you can set the suit by simply stretching the starting window down. In the same place you can activate filters for suits. By the way, the same filters will help to visualize not all the data, but only those that are needed by the player in his mathematical calculations. They can be applied both to all stats in a complex way, and separately for each selected gaming hand (to do this, activate the hand pressing the right mouse button). A danger tool is also considered useful. It shows how the next card on the distribution street will affect the total equity (you can activate this feature when two cards are entered in the dead zone).

Downloading Vinta is necessary at least for better understanding poker math. A simple interface is a great choice for beginners.

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