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Poker Range Analysis Software

Each online poker player can hone his own skills thanks to not only the constant practice, but also using modern software to improve the game indicators and calculations.

For most players it is usually enough to collect stats in real time and to use HUDs (“head-up display”) at poker rooms. Such features of popular software are certainly very useful. However, they will not give you a clear idea of a current poker hand will fall on the flop. A separate solution has been created for such aims. It’s Vinta software that we will tell you about.

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What is Vinta Software?

Vinta is a powerful toolset. It has the function of analyzing and evaluating of the strength of hands in Texas Hold’em Cashgame. It combines the best features different poker software.

Discover Vinta’s powerful functions and you will be able:

  • to learn about hand strength, equity and equity changes,
  • to find out what the real value of a top pair, set or straight in various scenarios is,
  • to calculate EV / Fold Equity
  • to import hand histories from Hold’em Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4
  • to calculate automatically the expectation and equity in different spots on each street,
  • to have clear and convenient equity tables
  • to improve your skills of valuation equity with the built-in trainer
  • to appraise a board, taking into account the effect of blocking cards.

Vinta’s EV and FE Calculations

Analyze Various Preflop and Postflop Spots Regarding Their Expectation Values (EVs)

EV/FE Calculations help to analyze different spots preflop and postflop in a simple way. It’s just necessary to enter all the input. Then Vinta calculates the expected value and the fold equities in the current situation. Or import your Holdem Manager hand histories.

With the help of Vinta’s EV and FE Calculations, you will be able to improve your draw line without calculating EV by hand.

Vinta’s Board Hit Evaluations

What kind of hand strengths turn out on different boards? Is it worth investing money in bank on the following streets?

Enter two ranges and you will easily find out it. You can get the number of combinations for one player. And there will card removal effect applied for two players.

This function compares dynamics of an equity of two ranges against each other and shows how your equity can change on the following streets.

Vinta’s Win Evaluations

Vinta shows you how often a particular hand strength appears on a board and how often that hand will win, split or lose. So, it’s very easy to analyze the relative handstrengths of the hands in a range.

Find out the real worth of a top pair, set or straight in current board structure!